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1. Wind engineering lab.

Wind engineering building Room 201
Wind Test Section, Wind Tunnel Test, IFSS (Independent Frictionless Spring-support System)
Various experimental facilities for analyzing the interaction between wind and structure are installed in the wind tunnel laboratory. The uniform flow and turbulence of wind, free vibration and damped vibration of structures can be simulated. Structures in various shapes can be experimented with thanks to this laboratory and various researches are being carried out currently. The dynamic wind load of a long span bridge is evaluated through the wind tunnel test facility and the laboratory participates in various wind-resistant design projects and carries out evaluations on wind resistance capacity.
  • Wind Test Section

    Wind Test Section

  • Wind Tunnel Test

    Wind Tunnel Test

  • IFSS (Independent Frictionless Spring-support System)

    IFSS (Independent Frictionless Spring-support System)

2. Hydraulics lab.

open chanel experiment apparatus, Reynold experiment setup, frequency test setup
The hydraulic laboratory is a place to simulate and examine various hydraulic and hydrological events based on theoretical knowledge in order to advance fundamental engineering knowledge. Also, various researches to depict and analyze physical characteristics through hydraulic and hydrological experiments are being carried out. The hydraulic laboratory is equipped with laboratory equipments for the measurement of viscosity, Reynolds' experiment, venturi-meter experiment, Weir experiment, sudden sectional expansion experiments, soil runoff experiments and open channel experiments in order to simulate various hydraulic and hydrological events and learn about physical characteristics. Also, various experiments and researches using those laboratory equipments are being carried out actively.
  • open chanel experiment apparatus

    open chanel experiment apparatus

  • Reynold experiment setup

    Reynold experiment setup

  • frequency test setup

    frequency test setup

4. 구조물 진동실험실

5. 고성능 콘크리트 실험실

6. 건축구조 및 재료실험실