Korea University School of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

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1. Built Environment

Built Enviroment
Professor Lab. Address
Lee, In Mo Institute of Underground Space Technology http://geotech.korea.ac.kr/
Lee Hak-Eun Structural Dynamics Labotaroy http://dynamic.korea.ac.kr/
Young Jong Kang Steel Structural Laboratory http://steel.korea.ac.kr
Lee, Han Seon Structural Concrete Engineering Laboratory http://kuscl.korea.ac.kr
Woojin Lee Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory http://jiban.korea.ac.kr
Yoon, Young Soo High-Performance Concrete Lab./FRP Composites&Stuructures Lab./Protective Structures Lab. http://concrete.korea.ac.kr/
Jung-Sik Kong Probability, Reliability, Optimization, and Stochastic Laboratory http://proslab.net
Zi, Goangseup Structural Engineering & Mechanics Laboratory http://structure.korea.ac.kr
Jong-Sub Lee Geowave Laboratoty http://geoengineering.korea.ac.kr/
Hangseok Choi Geosystem Laboratory http://Geosys.korea.ac.kr
Ju, Young K. Hybrid Structure Laboratory http://Histructure.korea.ac.kr

2. System Operation and Project Management

System Operation and Project Management
Professor Lab. Address
Kang, Kyung-In Construcion Management & Material's Laboratory http://kucmm.korea.ac.kr
Cho Hun-Hee Smart Construction Management Lab http://kucmm.korea.ac.kr
Yi, ChongKu Construction Materials Lab. http://kucmm.korea.ac.kr
Kang, Seungmo Transportation and Logistics System Laboratory https://transyslab.wordpress.com/

3. Water and Ecosystems

Water and Ecosystems
Professor Lab. Address
Kim, Joong Hoon Hydrosystems Laboratoy http://opti.korea.ac.kr
Khim, Jeehyeong Environmental Material & Caralytic Laboratory http://environ.korea.ac.kr/
Yoo, Chulsang Hydrology Laboratory http://kuwater.korea.ac.kr/hyd
Seungkwan Hong Water Environment Plant Engineering Laboratory http://water21.korea.ac.kr/
Kyungrock Paik Surface Hydrology and Dynamics Laboratory http://kuwater.korea.ac.kr/flood
Hee-Deung Park Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory http://blog.naver.com/heedeung
Lee, Jaesang Environmental Nanotechnology Laboratory  
Son, Sangyoung Coastal Hydrodynamics Laboratory http://coastal.korea.ac.kr

4. Climate and Energy

Climate and Energy
Professor Lab. Address
Kim, Dong-Wan Energy Materials Laboratory http://dwkim.korea.ac.kr
Noh, Jun Hong 에너지변환소재소자Lab.