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F.C Archivil [Architecture + Civil Engineering]

Archivil is a soccer club established in 2002 where students in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering and Department of Architecture play sports together. Archivil members play soccer in a pleasant and relaxed manner just as they felt while passing the ball in their high school days. Archivil is a heartwarming club where various people enjoy exercising together. Archivil is a club full of compassion and camaraderie between seniors and juniors.

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This is an exhibition club that brings together students from the Department of Western Painting of Sungshin Women's University and the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering of Korea University, boasting a tradition of 33 years. The number of members in the club is approximately 30 members every year, and they carry out club activities based on cooperation between seniors and juniors. This club conducts various activities including self-portraits and landscape painting and outdoor sketching.

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Rowing club

The rowing club in Korea University is one of the representative sports clubs in Korea University. Boasting a history and tradition of 54 years that started with the annual sports competition between Korea University and Yonsei University, the rowing club has achieved many victories, while building a sense of fellowship between seniors and juniors and teamwork between team members. Certain victory! Complete victory! Overwhelming victory!

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